August 2017 / Reintroducing Wisdom in Everyday Life


Consumer behavior : farming 3.0 / Consumers are looking to train their minds and bodies in harmony and grow organically,  gathering smart data and suitable knowledge.

From human doings to human beings.

  1. A desire for authenticity and self-expression can be observed: how brands embrace a particular, consistent and personal style like Gucci.
  2. A lucid youth driven by knowledge, meaningful items and self-love.
  3. Craving for emotional, celebrating imperfections / Imperfect makes it perfect.
  4. A community of like-minded people. People start to celebrate individuality more, driven by a strong desire to connect and work together for a commun purpose.

Check Alain de Botton’s YouTube videos talking wisdom, how religions educate the people and how this concept should be embraced by future schools and technologies. Culture is the new scripture, museums – the new churches and retail spaces – the new museums (!

The building of a future common ground starts with the end of the insular thinking, translated by a tendency of like-minded people getting together and just enjoying, inspiring and sharing: check the Eudaimonia London conference in 2016.