du 26 avril au 4 septembre 2017

Art/Afrique, le nouvel atelier - Fondation Louis Vuitton, P A R I S

general mood:

Naïve art, also spelled naïf art, work of artists in sophisticated societies who lack or reject conventional expertise in the representation or depiction of real objects. Naïve artists are not to be confused with hobbyists, or “Sunday painters,” who paint for fun. The naïve creates with the same passion as the trained artist but without the latter’s formal knowledge of methods. “ def. by https://www.britannica.com/art/naive-art

 - le nouvel atelier is the union of two exhibitions : THE INSIDERS  &  BEING THERE

/ / /  les INITIES = the INSIDERS

I N S P I R A T I O N  :  recalling – “Magiciens de la Terre (1989 Centre Pompidou) wanted to do away with the monopoly of European-American art and its narcissistic perspective. Instead, the exhibition was to describe artistic practice as a universal and spiritual phenomenon in a global world.” http://www.contemporaryand.com/magazines/magiciens-de-la-terre/

E N C O U R A G I N G  N E W  V O I C E S  –  Andre Magnin, the assistant curator of this exhibition was asked to assemble a collection dedicated to self-taught artists, working in sub-Saharan Africa. 15 emblematic artists are showcased, “all are heirs to unique spiritual, scientific andtechnical wisdom and give from their worlds across a variety of media and through a broad expressive palette.” source http://www.fondationlouisvuitton.fr/en/expositions/art_afrique_le_nouvel_atelier.html


THE MAKERS or how to build a reality from history and culture? art afrique

1958 Benin / / / Lives and works in Porto-Novo / / / For his art he uses new objects, made in China, resulting from regular consumption ) Faces that are born from unbridled imagination.

Personally I was impressed by the power of the imaginary!

art afriqueart afrique

Bodys Isek Kingelez and its architectural project / / / a dream city  / / / Inspired by his desire to “contribute to the future of Africa”.

General overview:

Mixed media / / / Mixed knowledge / / / Creativity comes from unlikely juxtaposition

Conclusion / Future Vision:

A bold manifesto, celebrating individuality of ones culture and self expression. Off-beat colours and naratives that shift your beliefs and make you commit to the NEW : move into FANTASY!