Dalia is a trend spotter, investigator and idea generator, working mainly with the fashion industry. She studied fashion design both in Bucharest and Milan and fashion management at the University of Antwerp.

Combining her knowledge of fashion design with consumer research and business information, she gives concept directions and explores new opportunities for brands and young designers worldwide.

Her working routine is a complex process of gathering and filtering information by :

–         READING “everything I get my hands on: magazines, books, global and local consumer reports, online and offline”;

–         TRAVELING  “the world in search for what’s next” ;

–         OBSERVING  “the way consumers behave, communicate and sense their expectations for future products”;

–         FEELING “future global trends and market demands”

–         CREATING “custom trend reports and marketing strategies suitable for any creative business”.

Her job is to generate innovative ideas driven by consistent data and real information. She doesn’t want to be defined by stereotypes introduced by society, but if she had to put herself in such a box she would say she is a consultant and a system designer.

Also, she belongs to the young generation of talents expressing their artistic vision in a post-internet Era, experimenting with different mediums and working techniques. Dalia uses her art to share contemporary messages : her vision is built following a complex process of research, from conceptualism to minimalism to performance to object to feelings.

SO :

  • Are you a marketeer, business owner or freelancer looking for inspiration?
  • Do you find it difficult to predict future trends in your market, despite all the information available?
  • Would you like to better understand the new generations of customers, in order to increase the chances of success of your marketing campaigns?

If my work inspires you, I would love to meet and have a chat. Feel free to say hello at contact@daliapoleac.com.