• Are you a marketeer, business owner or freelancer looking for inspiration?
  • Do you find it difficult to predict future trends in your market, despite all the information available?
  • Would you like to better understand the new generations of customers, in order to increase the chances of success of your marketing campaigns?


I am here to connect with people and feel the upcoming trends for you. My unique expertise in trendforecasting comes from a vibrant lifestyle I chose for myself a couple of years ago:


  • I READ everything I get my hands on: creative magazines, books, global and local consumer reports;
  • I TRAVEL the world in search for what’s next;
  • I OBSERVE the way consumers behave, communicate and sense their expectations for future products;
  • I FEEL future global trends and market demands;
  • I CREATE custom reports and marketing strategies suitable for any business


If my work inspires you, I would love to meet and have a chat. Feel free to say hello at contact@daliapoleac.com.