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s p r i n g s u m m e r 2 0 1 8 / / / n o t e s & m o o d b o a r d s


Balenciaga, Dior, Miu Miu, following Vetements and Gucci’s already established aesthetics. It all comes from the desire to become more appealing to young consumers, the youth culture: the millenials.

T  H  E     P  L  A  Y  G  R  O  U  N  D  / @VETEMENTS the streets 


T  H  E    N  E  W    V  I  N  T  A  G  E / concept

NEW Retro styles are considered, shopping for vintage become a “necessity”

:  it’s personal

  • found memories fuel a desire to bring the past into present, especially with respect to one’s formative years and personality. @BALENCIAGA “This is the first season I wanted to underline the Demna story,” the creative director said, “I could feel the restraint of paying homage and going back to the archives every season.”
  • youthfulness – “world is becoming more playful, driven by generations not ready to grow up, including Boomers who desire a more active, enriched life.” [Trendhunter 2018 Report] @GUCCI “Go into the store and you don’t just recognise the season – you recognise the world. I want to stay here and grow beyond seasonal change.”


W  h  o    t  e  l  l  s    t  h  e    s  t  o  r  y  ?

… the naratives :)

Ok, I admit I entred the game and allowed myself some fun when building this last moodboard… But there was no better way to express this particular aesthetic of the season.

Since we are discussing retro: in the Balcanic countries, as mine, there are these ladies… “the grannies”, living in the country side, always on the move, always interested in their neighbours businesses, love life, money status, family affairs and, of course: clothing choices. So, since they seem to have so many opinions all the time, I decided to build an imaginary story in which they can actually analyse designer’s concepts for the next season and express their point of view :)

  • I used some key words and expressions to underline the big ideas coming from this trend.

and a DROP of personal humour:



T  H  E    N  E  W    V  I  N  T  A  G  E / catwalk

Thrift shop, vintage, second hand nostalgia, these are some key words describing this emerging trend.
For the spring summer 2018, designers focused on creating retro stories.

A tribute to fashion’s most memorable moments, characters and styles. The raglan summer coat at Simone Rocha, with lace details, the styling at Balenciaga, the lines of tailored trousers and pants at Acne, the random mix-match at Gucci, the deconstructed sweaters at Christopher Kane, pops of mint and red and the oversized shoulders at Givenchy, all of these are reminescent of “children’s fashion of bygone days”:

vintage mood

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love affair


  • The super versatile red dress: one of next season’s stars! The designers involved in this love story, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, played with red fabrics in all textures to redesign this classic piece of clothing.

dress red

  • A formal pink thing… Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Victoria Beckham, Oscar de la Renta, sugar coded it this season. Reinterpreting the formal suit is a major trend, almost all the designers surrendered, but I fell in love with the pink ladies. It’s a particularity and a bold statement.

formal pink

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NY SS 2018 NY SS 2018 marc jacobs cover

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Denim is a versatile fabric. A pair of jeans that you wear at work can be easily transformed in apparel for workout purpose. Denim speaks a “global language”, travels over boarders and has no gendre or culture. […]

I share /// a page from my custom research on D E N I M

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no barbies here#future #consumers #no #barbies #skin #deep #body #love #identity #mood #lucid #youth #feminine #masculine #shapes #statement #power #girlgang #attitude #storytelling #ofpeople

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new layout realness013Fragments from my desk and field analysis / FUTURE VISION 2018-2019

this draft contains some smart data I wanna share with you! The full research is the result of months of reading, observing, studying and analyzing lifestyle directions, consumer insights, future aesthetics, new wellbeing concepts, business directions […]new layout realness014

August 2017 / M A C R O  T R E N D – A  Q U E S T I O N  O F  R E A L I T I E S  – design your own



Reality is wisdom, self love, common ground

Co creating Reality / A desire of connecting Real and Virtual

– connecting to local cultures through real life / connecting to global cultures through virtual platforms — leads to cultivating future common cultures and communities.

Manifesting –

Feels like one day WE will be home : new habitat in focus, a house for all – http://www.selfridges.com/US/en/content/our-house/a-home-for-all.

WeLive, “a new “co-living” apartment building from WeWork, the New York City-based firm best known for renting office space to small companies and startups. The co-living concept is not for everybody. It caters especially to the young and social”. (source: http://time.com/4280233/welive-new-york-city/)

Common, founded in 2015, offers more diverse types of co-living. (source: http://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-co-living-2017-2)

Reintroducing Wisdom in Everyday Life

Manifesting – The New Schools (check my I READ section)



w e /  C O N S U M E R S

Reality is a heterarchy

Heterarchy – /ˈhɛtərɑːkɪ/ a formal structure, usually represented by a diagram of connected nodes, without any single permanent uppermost node.

People who create movement / New concepts arise in order to create a more authentic society / Cultivating the future minds. (check my I OBSERVE section)

Manifesting / The NEW “leaders”:

Mark Zuckerberg’s humanitarian manifesto 2017 / THE POWER OF THE GROUP

“A healthy society also has many layers of communities between us and government that take care of our needs. When we refer to our ‘social fabric’, we usually mean the many mediating groups that bring us together and reinforce our values.”


In Copenhagen, Danmark, Lars AP owns a consultancy company designed to bring some changes on a social level: “Fucking Flink (“flink” is Danish for “friendly”) is a national movement. Our aim is to help the Danes – the world’s happiest people – also become the world’s friendliest.


F U T U R E  V A L U E S  A N D  A E S T H E T I C S

Reality is nostalgic, honest and transparent, imperfect but lovely

Manifesting: A desire for “truth” arises.

“it’s better for the brands not to stand for anything than to pretend to stand for something”, sais Lauretta Reberts, director and editor-in-chief of The Industry London.


FASHION’s babies:

Like Arket (joins H&M’s existing brand portfolio)

The modern-day market


a transparent (check out garment description and supplier information available on https://www.arket.com/en_eur/index.html)

, lovely: ‘It both relates to our origin in the Nordic tradition of functional, long-lasting design and symbolises the blank sheet, the sense of optimism and possibility we felt creating this new brand’

co creation – ‘A fantastic team with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise have come together to build ARKET. We’re very excited to soon reveal the brand and share our collections with customers’

says Ulrika Bernhardtz, Creative Director of the brand

FASHION’s adolescents:

Like Vetements / Off-White / Supreme /

The bold, imperfect, versatile

FASHION’s grown ups:

Like Dior / Comme des Garcons /

The wise, nostalgic, showing experience

… time when one is not working or occupied (travel, leisure, retail)

Reality is a hybrid co creation, a multisensorial experience ( 5 senses stimulation)


  • Co creation/ the power of the group.

is manifested by undestanding the power of the group and therefore introducing “Members Only” spaces:

‘The Social Club’ “ is a prestigious store that’s only open to top-spending members of Revolve by invite. Inside this exclusive store, Revolve members will be able to take part in stylist consultations and order a catered meal to go along with a scheduled appointment”. (source:https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/exclusive-store)

Boston Athenaeum is a members only library and a hidden public Boston attraction. (source: https://www.tripadvisor.com)

is manifested in post-purchase personalization and  Luxury Clothing Customizations available in stores:

Gucci is Allowing Consumers to Do DIY Modifications In-Store.

Balenciaga X Colette launching Costum T-shirt line.

  • A hybrid, multisensorial experience.

is manifested by mixed services, experiences, provided by a single brand or available in a single space, sometimes retail, sometimes leisure and travel.

Inspiration: MUJI Flagship on Fifth – Highlights exclusive to Fifth Avenue include three personalisation stations: the Aroma Lab, where visitors can create a bespoke home fragrance; an embroidery station, where over 100 designs can be added to textiles or clothing; and a rubber stamp bar, where shoppers can personalise Muji’s arsenal of paper goods and gift bags.
(source: https://www.wallpaper.com/design/muji-opens-nyc-flagship#bKZWHW83gT4rkhOz.99)

“Recently, a global trend has caught fire that offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgrade on rest and recreation. It’s called glamping, a new word for a new kind of travel, defined as glamorous camping”. (source – https://www.glamping.com/what-is-glamping/)

Wellbeing, holiday, spa, festival – Adriatic for the people: a “curated island destination”, with a two-month-long creative programme of music, talks, art, health and workshops kicking off in July 2016. ( source: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016/mar/19/croatia-obonjan-island-wellbeing-holiday-spa-festival)

Perfume, a multi-sensory exhibition featuring ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators, who have radically changed our perceptions of fragrance over the last 20 years. (source: https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/perfume)

Chroma Yoga is a revolutionary new approach to practising yoga. Combining light and colour therapy, soundscapes and bespoke natural scents to enhance the modern yoga experience. (source: http://www.chromayoga.co.uk/about)


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