C U L T U R E : i s // r e a l.


dON:T M1nD m3

‘ What:s real life

What:s virtual

What:s fiction

What:s factual

Who:s partial

Who:s neutral

What:s not real

What:s natural

Who:s actin’

Who:s actual

What:s cheap talk

What:s action

What:s ours

What:s fractioned

What:s plus or subtraction ‘

: Damian Marley : time travel


I SUGGEST you build a different reality for your brand. It has to be new, bold, daring, emotional, true. It has to incorporate nature, feelings, texture, music, taste and smell. Stimulating the body and mind, infuse the veins and give them a different colour. It has to come from a deeper understanding of human nature, culture, the basement, the pipes, the leftovers of history. […]

#Building culture — which culture is still strong? Has an impact, speaks its own voice? Is true, real, untouched? Dissect IT, embrace IT, experiment IT, live IT and than USE IT as inspiration for your new reality.

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‘ a fly in the milk an artist a writer the lesson you learned I am desinvolte culturally involved fucking scared dressed-up naked ‘ […]


C U L T U R E  I S  T H E  N E W  S C R I P T U R E, and I have proof: 

this CAME INTO MY MIND when I first laid hands on this beautiful work, ‘dedicated to all punks and punkettes, misunderstood intellectuals, enlightened outsiders, to the drunk poets or Prom Queen philosophers, to the passionate dudes and dudettes and to those who have a lot to say…‘

BLACK ATTITUDE — a story of culture, colour and attitude // First Issue January 2017. #1 RAW // WAR 1# // http://www.blackattitudemagazine.com

August//Paris//Tuesday evening … when Catia, the creative director of the mag’, put this issue on the table, I was already fascinated! Her eyes were shining, she was vibrating with passion, I could feel the amount of work and love she, and her team, invested in these 144 pages.

I could say cool content, inspiring layout, emotional storytelling, but it would not be fair since it’s so much more than this…

don’t wanna over share, I let you decide for yourself …

I found my match, I will marry it one day! :) 

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August 2017 / Tribute to our human—-nature

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nest here …

Inspiration: EF Schumacher wrote that nature and culture are two great garments of human life. Business and technology are just the tools available in order to emperiment new environements, cultures, inner self knowlegde and realities.

Idea: Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics—including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—which humans tend to have naturally. Today’s society encouraged an artificil evolution of human kind by embracing only what was considered to be intelligent, artificial and high tech.

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– Cultivating the future minds / frames from my research journal
#astudyonintelligence #smartdata #addedvalue #organic #futureminds #thefuture #school

Organic / ɔːˈɡanɪk/ (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Intelligence / ɪnˈtɛlɪdʒ(ə)ns/ the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

In the 21st century intelligence is all about technology…

– Why do you think children learn so much and so fast?

According to *science*, we have a different prefrontal cortex where working memory is stored. Adults have it more developed, after having experienced life, received education and stored information. On the other hand, kids’ memory is more free, empty, less driven by a functional fixedness.

Adults’ memory is intoxicated with the same kind of information, the brain being programmed to perform. Children are more open-minded, their brain is ready to learn. When children are born, they come from a natural environment, their memory is organic and its soil is ready to be stimulated through cultivation.

Now let’s think of intelligence and its nature! Actually, it is indeed nature we are talking about here. Nature is the most intelligent, complex and productive system. We get to see intelligence manifest every day in the way clouds move, trees bloom, flowers smell and so on. We live in this ecosystem so how come we forgot how to be intelligent? Intelligence is in the way people move and express themselves. Nature expresses itself 100%, why not do the same?

So overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, I crave for organic! […]

• This is a trend that will soon emerge, the future expression of the macro trend Wellbeing. New concepts of training the body and mind! Check, for example, this cool Chroma Yoga place in the UK– mixing colour with scelnts and movement http://www.chromayoga.co.uk/.

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