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Balenciaga, Dior, Miu Miu, following Vetements and Gucci’s already established aesthetics. It all comes from the desire to become more appealing to young consumers, the youth culture: the millenials.

T  H  E     P  L  A  Y  G  R  O  U  N  D  / @VETEMENTS the streets 


T  H  E    N  E  W    V  I  N  T  A  G  E / concept

NEW Retro styles are considered, shopping for vintage become a “necessity”

:  it’s personal

  • found memories fuel a desire to bring the past into present, especially with respect to one’s formative years and personality. @BALENCIAGA “This is the first season I wanted to underline the Demna story,” the creative director said, “I could feel the restraint of paying homage and going back to the archives every season.”
  • youthfulness – “world is becoming more playful, driven by generations not ready to grow up, including Boomers who desire a more active, enriched life.” [Trendhunter 2018 Report] @GUCCI “Go into the store and you don’t just recognise the season – you recognise the world. I want to stay here and grow beyond seasonal change.”


W  h  o    t  e  l  l  s    t  h  e    s  t  o  r  y  ?

… the naratives :)

Ok, I admit I entred the game and allowed myself some fun when building this last moodboard… But there was no better way to express this particular aesthetic of the season.

Since we are discussing retro: in the Balcanic countries, as mine, there are these ladies… “the grannies”, living in the country side, always on the move, always interested in their neighbours businesses, love life, money status, family affairs and, of course: clothing choices. So, since they seem to have so many opinions all the time, I decided to build an imaginary story in which they can actually analyse designer’s concepts for the next season and express their point of view :)

  • I used some key words and expressions to underline the big ideas coming from this trend.

and a DROP of personal humour:



T  H  E    N  E  W    V  I  N  T  A  G  E / catwalk

Thrift shop, vintage, second hand nostalgia, these are some key words describing this emerging trend.
For the spring summer 2018, designers focused on creating retro stories.

A tribute to fashion’s most memorable moments, characters and styles. The raglan summer coat at Simone Rocha, with lace details, the styling at Balenciaga, the lines of tailored trousers and pants at Acne, the random mix-match at Gucci, the deconstructed sweaters at Christopher Kane, pops of mint and red and the oversized shoulders at Givenchy, all of these are reminescent of “children’s fashion of bygone days”:

vintage mood